Government Approach Likely to require greater emphasis on business cases

The UK Government is shifting towards a policy focused on project delivery – particularly when the projects are linked to infrastructure and science. Whilst the purse strings may be loosened, there is likely to be a continued emphasis on locations / projects proving their worth.

All of this points back to a strong ability to develop business cases compliant with the HM Treasury Green Book. There is a need to address some of the myths associated with Green Book five case business plans. In fact, strong projects should be able to address the requirements – what is the strategic need? What will be the economic impact? How will the project be financed? How will the project perform financially over the long term? What management and governance is in place?

Pulling together business cases is increasingly important for any economic development practitioner and with the direction of Government travel, this isn’t likely to change any time soon. Mickledore has been involved in countless projects of this type and is even involved in delivering training courses on the subject. We believe that business case development and economic assessment will become an even more important aspect of our business in the next few years.

Written by Nigel Wilcock, Director of Mickledore

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