Nigel Wilcock

Nigel is an experienced economic development specialist. He formed Mickledore in 2009 having been Regional Development Director at EY. He has worked in economic development for 30 years with 20 years in an advisory role. He has significant experience in leading projects, strategy and funding. Nigel is also the Executive Director of the Institute of Economic Development.

Liz Demaison

Liz has a huge amount of experience in business engagement, inward investment and location promotion. Before joining Mickledore she worked with the North West Development Agency, MIDAS and for the Department of International Trade in Chicago.

Vince Sandwell

Associate Director
Vince is a Chartered Surveyor and supports Mickledore projects involving regeneration and planning work. He has thirty years consultancy experience with extensive work undertaking market health checks and financial viability work for town centres. He is also a Director of the BE Group.

Robert Fleming

Associate Director
Robert is a planning and development Chartered Surveyor with a strong background in economic development and funding procurement. Robert typically supports Mickledore in economic assessments and HM Treasury Green Book compliant business cases. Robert is also a Director of Capita.

Tim Rose

Senior Consultant
Tim is an economic development specialist with a strong background in linking business investment and economic strategy. As well as working for the North West Development Agency, Tim has worked on economic development for UK Government in Brisbane, Australia and for UNIDO in Ethiopia.

Saralyn Chaloner

Saralyn is an experienced market researcher with a specialism in economic development. Her career has included working for Ipsos Mori and at Mickledore she specialises in market surveys, stakeholder engagement and research – but is also project lead in our work for the Institute of Economic Development.

Ian Hassall

Associate Consultant
Ian has recently started working on Mickledore engagements and brings a depth of knowledge of regeneration and public sector strategy. Ian has over thirty years’ experience in both the private and public sectors where he has had a focus on Place Making and improving economic prosperity.

Simon Borkin

Associate Consultant
Simon is an economist who has worked extensively on economic strategy, business cases, impact and modelling. Simon has started working on Mickledore projects again after a spell with Cooperatives UK where he led work promoting and building cooperative business models.

Debbie Davidson

Office Manager
Debbie underpins the work of the Mickledore team, supporting projects and also undertaking much of the day-to-day work of the Institute of Economic Development. Debbie is an economics graduate and has a large amount of experience in event management and business administration.