Mickledore has undertaken work establishing economic strategies for public sector organisations from Local Authorities to Local Enterprise Partnerships in England and Development Agencies elsewhere. Our work typically involves research, stakeholder engagement, workshops and report writing in such a way that can inspire and engage a wide audience. Whoever is procuring the work, inevitably there will be a wider set of organisations delivering it and our work always recognises this.

  • Research (both primary and secondary) must underpin any strategy.
  • We focus on how economic strategy can embrace private sector investment.
  • We have, in particular, concentrated on sector analysis, knowledge economy and growth.
  • Strategy has to be owned and believed by a community and we focus our efforts on this.
  • Above all our work is based on practical and deliverable work that can make a difference.

On many occasions the depth of our research and analysis combined with our knowledge of companies and private sector investment strategies has resulted in innovative strategies that have challenged the perceived economic wisdom for an area. It is our belief that on too many occasions economic strategies are based on umbrella sector headings that mean nothing to business and are written in an attempt to achieve consensus rather than make a difference.