All of our work is underpinned by an intensity and depth of research which we believe is a crucial foundation to the end result. Our body of economic research has grown over many years and we understand the external factors which are impacting on most industrial sectors. We have also developed a good understanding of the process of innovation and the role of higher education and other institutions in helping to develop the economy. Our research includes:

  • A thorough knowledge of Office of National Statistics datasets and other related sources.
  • Access to a range of subscription datasets and work on the proprietary EY inward investment dataset.
  • Access to Companies House data and an ability to provide company research and some analysis of company performance.
  • In house expertise in market research, sampling and statistical techniques.
  • We can present findings using a range of graphical and spatial tools including GIS mapping.

We do not undertake research for research sake. Our work has demonstrated an ability to identify trends and create a picture from the most complex array of statistics. This work has been invaluable in describing the making of a place for economics and regeneration projects. We also work hard to ensure that the data is visually compelling and can draw a wide audience into the subject matter.