Many public sector organisations have re-examined their work as a result of budget restrictions, and have frequently determined that some work can be carried out more efficiently using external support. This may be because the specialisation involved means that more experienced teams can deliver the work more effectively or it might be that peaks and troughs in workload mean that a more flexible external resource can deliver savings. Whatever the reason Mickledore can provide assistance:

  • We have undertaken complete programmes of work eg business engagement.
  • We have supported investment agencies work on specific investment cases.
  • Our team has run grant funding programmes / grant appraisal for public agencies .
  • On investor development programmes we have provided the company intelligence.
  • Any element of an economic development team can be provided by our team .

The basis of our entire offer is that our work can be completed for less than the cost of employing the equivalent staff required internally. We have typically found that by delivering services from outside an organisation can ensure that staff time can be entirely focused on delivery and by providing resources only when they are required, the overall cost of delivery is reduced. None of this is at the expense of the sharing of experiences and knowledge with your internal teams.