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Mickledore is a consulting company borne out of 'big 4' advisory companies. Founded in 2008 the Company specialises in economic development work for mainly public sector clients and funding and strategy work for private sector clients. Our entire approach is based on creating practical solutions and ensuring that clients work with a senior and experienced team throughout the engagement. We are proud that this approach has resulted in us working with the vast majority of our clients on numerous projects.

Solutions in Regional Development

At Mickledore, we are always interested in discussing the issues and opportunities typically faced by our clients and we always spend time with teams discussing the approach for a project and the best ways to get an effective outcome before the approach is agreed. Our principles in working with clients are:

  • Discuss the work and agree the scope in detail before getting underway
  • Work alongside clients and ensure that they are involved in the work
  • Report back regularly and clearly on progress and present findings when complete
  • Review our recommendations once project implementation is underway.

We are passionate about what we do; continuously seek to add value and strive to ensure that our work is well received. We seek to gain long term client relationships adding a depth of understanding over time and are proud of our success rate in being asked to complete follow on pieces of work.

Nigel Wilcock, Managing Director

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Nigel Wilcock, Director

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